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Protect Your Child’s Health

Your child’s health is important to you, as back to school season approaches, there is a bustle through the backpack & paper isles at office depots. Here a few things to consider to lubricate their system with the best nutritional tools available.

A Multi-Vitamin

Chewables, gummies, and liquids are a few of the options for children above the age of 4. Beware of vitamins sweetened with Glucose/Fructose syrup, known to negatively affect blood sugar levels and cause cavities. Choose vitamins sweetened with xylitol (known to improve dental health), stevia, fruit juice or honey.

A DHA Supplement

Did you know that north American children are deficient in DHA? DHA is a fatty acid derived from fish oil or algae which is known to enhance cognition and behaviour. A great addition is a DHA supplement designed specifically for children – naturally fruit flavoured and naturally sweetened with stevia or xylitol. Look for a brand that has been tested to be free of PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls), heavy metals and contaminants.

A Smoothie Booster

Smoothies are an easy, fun way to teach them the importance of eating well. This little routine will take your family’s health a long way, and save you time during a busy schedule. All you need are fruits, a dairy alternative such as almond or coconut milk (no soy), a smoothie boost made with protein and/or greens. Look for protein powders made with Brown Rice, Pea, or Whey (if no sensitivity to dairy). When searching for Greens, find brands that are Organic, have more green grasses and vegetables than herbs, and have no typical food allergens (Corn, Soy, Wheat, Eggs).


As a parent you have the thrilling duty to be mom/dad, driver, chef, butler, and nurse to your child. During this busy time, don’t ignore your own well being. If the back-to-school frenzy has got you stressed, remember to stop, breathe, and smell the roses. If that doesn’t work, try adding Holy Basil to your routine. Holy basil, a herb from India is known for its adaptogenic properties. It can be found as a herbal tea, tincture or capsule. You can make a cup of tea by adding 20 drop of Holy Basil tincture to a little warm water.